How is being an administrator of a social network

I was so curious when I heard about this idea. Actually this idea came from one of my group mates Sam and he said he came across with this during his research to library 2.0. Sam has found a library which is using to maintain their own social network.

Ning has launched in October 2005 and it is a platform for creating your own social network. They say their passion is putting new social networks in the hands of anyone with a good idea. When users create free social networks on Ning, they run ads on the right hand side of every page to support the service and that’s their main source of income.

I created my own social network called We Fans during my mid semester break and it was so interesting. I created my own logo for my social network and also I created a favicon so it will be displayed in the browser. I thought creating a logo and a favicon will enhance the branding of the site. Then I added my friends and it was not that easy to attract them to use the network since there are very famous networks such as Facebook, My Space and they are very familiar with them and used to them.

We Fans home page


We Fans logo


We Fans favicon


Anyway I wanted to see what level of privilege the users of We Fans get so I created another account using another email address to see what users can do. They can customise their own web page as they wish. And also they can add videos, photos, invite friends, email them, chat with members in the network, write blog posts, change their status, create groups and many more. Apart from user privileges an administrator is allowed to customise the home page of the social network, add applications, block members of the network if they misbehave, change the appearance, content management (make photos and videos can only be viewed by friends) and can use the site as a money maker (but have to purchase Go Ad-Free premium service for $24.95, They provide four other different premium services as well). They allow the administrators to add third party applications such as WordPress, Twitter, files, Google docs, Quick poker and dozens more. These applications include office tools, games, collaborative, E-commerce and fund raising. All these tools help to add an extra value to the social network.

I found some of the social networks using Ning for really good purposes

I hope organisations can use to maintain their own social network, where they can keep contacts and update their users, customers, employees and suppliers. And also they can use this as an advertising tool for them selves.


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    jamie turner said,

    I think this is a great idea from ning allowing users to create and customise their own social networks. However i think you encountered one of the major issues involved of dragging people away from the big social networking giants such as facebook to use something that they have never heard of. I think they will need to introduce something new as an incentive. What do you think the benefits of using this over something like a facebook fan page are?


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      nadishasigera said,

      Hi Jamie

      Yeah we can use something like facebook fan page as well.

      But I think there are advantages as well as disadvantages in using something like facebook vs ning. The main advantage is attracting fans will be very easy through popular networks such as facebook. But on the other hand using something like ning is giving an opportunity for the organisation to enhance their branding and reputation because they dont have to rely on someone else to maintaining their network. They can create their own fan circle or a network under their company name.

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