Meebo the tool for Instant Messaging

I was doing a research to find out what libraries doing out there with web 2.0 tools and technologies. As I have mentioned in the previous post I found a library called Darien library in America which is using a tool called Meebo to allow instant messaging feature in the website. So the members of the library or the visitors to the web site can contact a librarien instatntly to gain any information.

Then after few days when I was improving my blog I found this Meebo tool under the widgets WordPress provides. As you can see I added it to my blog, so if anyone wants to have a chat with me they can do so without even log in to the system. I found it very interesting and I searched what this Meebo is.

I could find Meebo is a web based instant messaging tool and it can be very useful for the organisations as well as individuals. Through Meebo web page you can log on to many instant messaging accounts at one time and Meebo will show all the contacts who are online and offline in a single page. That means Meebo acts as a platform that allows you to log on to many instant messaging accounts in one point. It supports Yahoo messenger, MSN, Google talk, aim, my space, facebook, myyearbook, jabber and icq.

Meebo was formed in 2005 and Meebo’s co-founders are Sandy, Seth and Elaine. More about Meebo history can be found  here and you will find the story is interesting, what makes them to come up with an idea such as Meebo tool.

I realized there are some benefits in using Meebo such as:

  • You can communicate with all friends who have been added to different chat lists in one place – collaborative
  • No need to install a single thing
  • Allows offline messages
  • It can be accessed free of charge
  • Can be added to the personal web site or blog
  • Supports mobile devices
  • It allows audio/video chat
  • Group chat
  • Call conferences
  • Can play games with contacts
  • At last you simply dont have to remember all usernames and passwords for different instant messaging platform ;P

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    Hi Nadisha, this is really a good blog post… Actually i havent heard about this Meebo thingy but it sounds interesting I guess.. Is t by chance similar to Ning since Ning allows us to collaborate with friends as well isn’t it.. Btw I will try this tool for sure…really helpful post… Thanx

    • 2

      nadishasigera said,

      Hi Sam
      Yeah this is really cool and interesting. You can try it adding it to your blog as well.
      It is similar to Ning in a way but only allows instant messaging features. We can say it is more similar to MSN. Actually Ning is something similar to Facebook. But Meebo doesn’t give all those features where it gives only instant messaging, video conferences, Group chat and so on. Very similar to MSN, Yahoo messanger and other instant messaging tools such as skype. The only difference is it helps to bring our contacts in different contact lists into one place and it operates in a web page. No need for any installation.

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