Government Adoption to Microblogging….

Recently I was doing a research to find out the uses of microblogging in enterprises. But surprisingly when I searched Google, nearly half of the results I got were relating to the government use of microblogging. That’s a good news though….

One of the documents I come across with was a guide to use the Twitter which has been published by the UK government. This has been published by Neil Williams in the UK Cabinet Office blog and Williams says that guide is only the first draft and in the next version he plans to come up with the ways “civil servants should support, encourage and manage Ministers’ use of Twitter for Departmental business.” I could also find an article written on the use of microblogging in one of US government web sites. That article discusses about the advantages of microblogging, how they can implement it, some of the specific requirements and some third party microblogging tools.

As most people know in the United States, Presidential candidate Barack Obama microblogged from the campaign trail using Twitter. Traditional media organizations, including The New York Times and the BBC, have begun to send headlines and links in microblog posts. All these activities tell me that the microblogging is slowly moving to the mainstream.

According to the examples I found Twitter is the most used microblogging tool among government departments and agencies…

For example:

Examples of discussions:

Examples of inbound communications:

  • Jeffrey Levy at EPA asked for help preparing a presentation for several agency–level CIOs about social media, and received many good ideas from people following him.
  • People started talking about a major coal ash spill in December 2008 days before the mainstream media began discussing it.

Examples of outbound communications:

City of Arvada, CO –

  • Uses TwitterFeed to push out RSS information to Twitter Account
  • Has a link on web site to Twitter account

Washington State Department of Transportation –

  • Road and Traffic Updates

Franklin, MA Police Department –

  • Log postings
  • News and events

City of San Francisco, Calif. –

Governments have discovered some of the advantages of microblogging are:

  • Quick Communication to Citizens and Staff on timely events
  • Two way casual conversations
  • Quick access to city/county news – automatically push out links to web site headlines
  • Customer Service opportunities
  • Public Safety – Local media tend to find your sites and follow your postings quickly

I think governments have turned a new page in microblogging era where the most powerful governments such as UK and US have already started using tools such as Twitter for various purposes. In near future this will be a global revolution where most governments and organisations will use microblogging for their organisational uses.


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  1. 1

    Sarah Killey said,

    Hi Nadisha,

    Nice post, you’ve really done your research for it! I really like the advantages of microblogging that you’ve outlined. It does appear that the two-way communication and speed are core to what makes microblogging so popular. It will be interesting to see if your vision comes true, if there is a revolution and microblogging becomes standard practice in organisations!

  2. 2

    Mark said,

    Some very useful and interesting examples.

    There are also quite a few examples of Australia politicians using Twitter:
    * Kevin Rudd:
    * Anna Bligh: (and many other Web 2.0 apps:

    I just found a list of Aust MPs on Twitter, too:

    We actually have some quite web 2.0 savvy politicians.

  3. 3

    Sam said,

    Hey Nadisha, you have done a lot of research bout how Twitter has used in most of the government sector.. If you would like to add more, there are list of companies now started to use Twitter as well in one of my blog post:

    and how twitter used in class….

    Check it out! leave a comment about it… Great post here mate! keep it up!

  4. 4

    Haley said,

    Hey Nadisha,

    I was unaware that such official organizations were benefiting so greatly from Twitter. I suppose it makes sense…what better way to quickly disseminate an important message with the complete assurance it will reach a great portion of the given audience:) Microblogging truly is becoming a leading channel of communication of organizations of all types. Im enjoying your posts.


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