Library 2.0

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) library is one of the libraries in Australia that opens for long hours and serves nearly 40,000 members. The library admin staff has realized the use of web2.0 tools and technologies would help them to maximize their business process convenience and the consistency. They have realised the other libraries such as British Library, QLD library and University of Sydney library have already adopted web2.0 in their business and its outcomes.

Currently QUT library runs a web site that provides services through web to their members. Some of the services are as follows:
• Members can search the catalogue from the library home page. (Quick catalogue search)
• Members can search for articles. (Quick article search)
• Member login and member account to check their account history
• A range of E-books and Databases
• And many other services
Among the above mentioned services the Databases area is the most important area for the library because 70% of usage is on this database searches.

According to QUT library when they are adopting new technologies there are few issues they should consider such as:
• They should adhere to QUT guidelines (Follow a standard web template)
• For some of the services they have to rely on vendors and it limits their services to vendor supplement
• They have to consider about the QUT internet limitations
• And also they have to consider about the IAS (Internet Access Service) limitations for the students

At present QUT library is using some of the web2.0 tools and technologies but they are not well organised and properly managed where most of the students are not aware of those services. They use a Twitter account to update the members of the library, and one of the liaison librarians maintains a blog in wordpress, RSS feed, they also allow the rating facility for the students of the resources and they use libguide technique for some of the areas of the web site. It seems most of the students (library users) are not aware of these tools and technologies they use in the library. The main reason is those tools are not properly collaborated and they don’t sit in one place where the students are not familiar and aware of them. the current tools and technologies the library use are not developed for the company use where using those tools and technologies can rise an issue with the QUT standards and their uniqueness in the industry.

My team is trying to come up with a better solution for QUT library where they can utilise web2.0 tools and technologies to make QUT library2.0. Encourage us with this project by leaving your ideas and comments…..


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    benmccallum said,

    It would be interesting to see what the QUT guidelines are surrounding Web 2.0. Looking forward to seeing how else we can improve the library with web 2.0

    -Ben McCallum

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    Haley said,

    Hey Nadisha,

    Good post. I think it would be beneficial to better explore their efforts with “LibTool” which they mentioned in the lecture. Also, in the lecture, they mentioned how they want to investigate if company priorities align with student priorities. You may want to suggest polling or voting on this. The library also want to establish a credible blog but needs information on web governance…something to think about:) You could also check out how other libraries are employing web 2.o to enhance their services.

    Good Luck!

    • 5

      nadishasigera said,

      Hi Haley
      Thanks a lot for your ideas…. They are really helpful. As you said we are planning to investigate on this topic more. Specially with the company priorities and the student priorities. And how they can get feedback from them.

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