My improvement in Blogging environment

Ohh it is the sixth week of my 2nd second semester and I cant believe how time has flown so fast. As I said at the starting of this blog the reason that makes me to create a blog is one of my assessments in university. And I thought to write a reflection on my improvements of my blog compared to the assessment criteria. There are four major sections in the criteria that I can write on.

  • Practical ability to leverage off web 2.0 to enhance personal branding.

I have a blog created and most blog posts are based on researches. I am starting to receive more comments recently from the audience than the beginning of the blog. Also I use to get the access for many blogs at the same time from one website. I became a member recently in to interact with wider community. I use Google groups to collaborate and communicate with my team members in the university assignments (eg: INB320). I also have a Facebook account for my personal use.

  • Manner and consistency of participation in weekly workshops activities and your contribution.

Most often I follow the weekly workshop materials that have been posted to the

Example: What Web2.0 tools and technologies, What is Enterprise2.0 and My blogging experience

And also I use my own thoughts and ways to contribute to the blog.

Example: I wrote a post on Twitter to get feedback from my audience what ther think about it.

While on my research if I found an article that relates to the Enterprise2.0 but not in the workshop materials I make a blog post on that article as well.

Example: The impact of Enterprise2.0 in business and the future of the Enterprise2.0

  • Ability to appraise Web2.0 strategies and solutions for organisational and personal success.

I have written what Web2.0 tools and technologies mean and what they are, and also I have discussed the Enterprise 2.0 in business, How businesses are using Enterprise2.o currently, What they feel about it, The future of Web2.0 tools in business, The conferences they have held and the vendors of this are. And also I have an article to get feedback from my blog readers to get to know what they think about Twitter and whether it is useful for the organisations or for personal use.

  • Ability to engage successfully with the wider community (including  people outside of QUT) using Web 2.0 tools and techniques.

I have been receiving comments from many INB346 students and I feel compared to that I have to make an improvement on receiving comments from outsiders. I have been commenting on many blogs including INB346 students and when consider the outsiders blog especially on Sacha chuas’ blog. But when writing this reflection I feel I need to take more effort to make an improvement on commenting on others blogs as well as getting comments from outsiders.

And also I wanted to enhance my personal branding in the Enterprise2.0 community. The first thing I did was I used my name as ‘Nadisha Sigera’ for every single application I use based on Web2.0 technologies. This helped me to find my name in Google search on the top of the search of the Google list. And also I use a Gravatar, so where ever I make a comment on other blogs they can see my photo and they will know who I am.

This is what I can say about my improvements so far in blogging experience. I am so happy that I really have done something in this area. Hope there are many things I can do as well in future. 🙂


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    elvalentino said,

    haha nice post, it looks like your blogging improvement has taken bounds and leaps into the right direction. Congratulations 🙂

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