Is Twitter Useful?

I would like to make this topic open to my audience and I hope to receive your input for this.

Twitter can be classified under a micro blogging tool of web 2.0 technology. Today this is widely used in organisations as an enterprise 2.0 tool and it helps communication  between suppliers, employees and customers.

Do you all think twitter is an useful tool to be used within the organisations or do you think it is just a useless one and it only kills our time? According to my opinion sometimes I feel it does only kill our valuable time and of cause sometimes I feel it is a great tool to be used to help the collaboration within the organisation.I think it depends on the way we use the tool….

I would like to get some views from the readers about this topic…..


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    […] Is Twitter Useful? « Nadisha's Blog […]

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    Matthew said,

    I think that twitter is very informal and lacks real a real communication stream with followers. Its perfect for broadcasting information to a massive amount of people, perfect for big businesses and people with a massive following.

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      nadishasigera said,

      Ya I agree with you and the point of broadcasting information for a massive amount of people is interesting and very true. I think it all depends on the way people use it.

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    nohaalharbi said,

    Hi Nadishasigera,

    In my point view, The key is the way we use it.

    Could you share me in at


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    petewild said,

    I rarely used or got any value out of Twitter until I used Tweetdeck is also a great tool to search for relevant information
    cheers Pete

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      nadishasigera said,

      Hi Pete

      Even I don’t see any special value of using Twitter. And I believe it all depends on the way we use it.

      Thank you very much for sharing your link with us.


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    Kyle Stevenson said,

    I agree in part that the way you use micro-blogging does play a role in it’s success. However I guess it also depends on what kind of organisation you’re involved in. For example I honestly can’t see a hospital giving half-daily updates on Twitter giving the number of beds they have free, or swine flu cases they’re dealing with… on the other hand you have companies like Dell (US) offering factory direct specials via Twitter. A fantastic example of harnessing social media to rapidly and dynamically deal with excess stock or gather consumer sentiment.

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