Blogging Experience

What is a blog??? I feel a blog is similar to a web site but it has its own functionalities. It allows the writer to do more things in real time compared to a website. Specially it is more useful in social networking. The important feature of a blog is the readers can leave comments on the posts and that may add a value for the blog and may also help in improving the blog. Blogs are generally owned by an individual and normally written on topics of a specific area.Some people use their blog to share their thoughts, their experiences on a specific field and also as a diary.

So far I have nearly three weeks experience in blogging and I feel it is not very easy to maintain a blog. According to my opinion I think the writer of the blog should have good writing skills to make the blog readable for the audience and to share the information in an interesting way. And also when writing on special topics such as IT, Finance, Science and etc.  the writer should be more careful and have a good knowledge in that particular area. The information provided to the reader should be true and also should be given in a trust worthy manner to the reader. Writing posts in a blog  makes me read more articles and do more research on that particular topic so I get a thorough knowledge in what I am writing. But when you really enter to the scene as a real blog writer then I believe blogging can also become one of your favorite hobbies.

Some of the examples for good blogs are:

More about blogs can be found through this website……


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    Jason Watson said,

    Hi Nadisha,

    Please don’t put my blog down as a good example ( I don’t believe that it is! ).

    You picked up on something very interesting in this post. Namely, the preparation work that blogging entails. Perhaps re-purpose work that you already do e.g for your uni work. It is true that blogging is a great paradigm, motivating us to do research.

    ~ Jason

    • 2

      nadishasigera said,

      Are you serious that you want me to delete your blog from my post???? But I am pretty sure that it is a well organized one and good for the people like us who are new to blogging to have a look on it as an example….

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