Enterprise 2.0

Today most organizations are looking forward to use web 2.0 services and tools in their organizations to facilitate communication with employees, customers and suppliers. This new phase of the organizations is called Enterprise 2.0. Enterprise 2.0 enables the stakeholders of an organization to communicate with each other effectively and easily; this also allow them to share what they know and access what they want efficiently. Most high level managers spend more time and resources on finding how Enterprise 2.0 can be used in their organization in achieving their significant goals.

According to Andrew P. McAfee  the six components of Enterprise 2.0 can be indicated using the acronym SLATES and it stands for Search, Links, Authority, Tags, Extensions and Signals. The tools and technologies for each component are as follows

  • Search – Search technologies
  • Links – Mash up technologies and http linking
  • Authority – Wiki and blog
  • Tags – Tagging and Social book marking
  • Extensions – Intelligent system recommendations
  • Signals – RSS, Alerts

More about SLATES and Enterprise 2.0 can be found on the artical Enterprise 2.0: The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration.

How IBM and Best Buy in Australia use web 2.0 components as Enterprise 2.0 today is amazing and they have achieve a significant success in their businesses.

and adigm

Portal Tools and Technologies


Search technologies


http linking, Mashup Technologies


Wiki, Blog, Rich text


Tagging, Social Bookmarking


Intelligent System Recommendations


Feeds – Atom, RSS, Alerts


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    Jason Watson said,

    Hi Nadisha,

    Thanks for the post. I encourage you to get out there… neck deep… and find new information from new sources to share with us all.

    ~ Jason

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